09 August 2010


"Pet me or I'll eff you up"

This is Daisy, my stalker. She is our non-family neighbor's cat and she's approximately 200 years old. Poor old girl is an outside cat and misses her owner who is fighting cancer.

Each night when I walk down to get the mail she yells at me as I walk past. She's skittish, rightfully so, of the road and waits until I am returning up the road, yelling the entire time. If a car goes past, she freezes until it passes.

Like many cats, she chooses how to be petted. She likes her tail stroked so I don't know how many times I've had to say "I don't want your ass." As a typical crotchety old woman, she has bitten me twice. Not puncture bites but just enough to (try) show me who is boss. A quick swat and a "I will kick your ass" seems to take care of any further attempts. She is, after all, old and probably a little feral.

As confrontational as this sounds, it is actually a nice end to the day. Petting a grateful, lonely cat for five minutes bring us both some peace.


Jamie said...

This made me cry!!!

Spanx said...

And isn't having some peace, no matter how it is gotten, a wonderful thing? Thank you for sharing this. I sometimes feel like the cat - cranky and wanting my own way :)

creative kerfuffle said...

ah, daisy sounds awesome in her crotchetiness (is that even a word?). of course i am partial to cats since we have two. ours do not go outside though.