02 August 2010

Every Pot has a Lid

I love this phrase. I also think it's true. Haven't you ever been in a mall or a restaurant and see a couple when you think "Now those two fit together" or "OMG how did they find each other?"

Have we ever talked about the Nerd Love theory? Theoretically Nerd Love is more strong than "regular" love because, really, what are the odds of Nerds finding each other? Nerds know they're nerds and know it's difficult/unlikely that they will find a soulmate so when they do...wow! Think Ricky finding his true love at the ski race in Better Off Dead.

Sometimes it takes a few tries to find your lid. It took me two tries to find it. It takes many people a few tries these days. Gone are the days of marrying young and staying together forever.

I was thinking about Liz Taylor the other day. The letters that Richard Burton wrote to her are being published soon so she has been prominent in the entertainment section. For all you youngin's (or the oldin's who have forgotten) Liz has been married seven...eight?...times.

I used to think she was crazy. Now I think she's just romantic. She believes in love. She believes in forever. She keeps on trying, no matter what. I think she has the right idea: just keep trying. It would be nice to believe in love so much that you're willing to just keep trying again and again.

Every pot has a lid and sometimes there are a few lids. Sometimes you just have to keep looking until you find it.

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Grey Ghost said...

Liz and Richard,those were the days.Were they ever out of the news.