26 August 2010

Pardon the Interruption

We apologize for the interruption in regularly scheduled programming. We have been interrupted by Dawson's Creek.

Well, not Dawson's Creek the show actually, but by our friends FROM Dawson Creek.

I was expecting to meet them in town during the weekday to give them some parts they had delivered here. In a most Dale-like way, they ended up coming to our house which then turned out to all of us going to dinner.

This group of friends are the ones that really, really, really make me want to become Canadian and move. However, it would entail moving not only into another country but nearly into our northernmost state. The Alaska Highway begins in Dawson Creek.

So, while it's a late night, it is totally worth abandoning all hopes of a schedule in order to spend quality time with our faraway friends. At least, without the noise of the racecars and the rest of our dear Canadian friends...that's on Saturday.

My point being is that tonight we made a memory. That is more important to me than being tired in the morning, or not eating a healthy dinner, or anything else. Tonight we were in the company of our friends. Nothing can put a value on that.

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