04 April 2012

And the Father Is...

As I mentioned I have been working on our family tree.  And it's been complicated.

You don't even know.


I finally texted my little brother and asked him a few questions.  He asked the most questions when we were younger and he had actual conversations with my father before he died.

This was his answer:

"Good question.  I don't remember any of the details. It wasn't something we talked about.  I tried asking those questions when I was in grade school, the response was "none of my business" lol"


I swear I am going to eventually find a connection to the Manson family.

Today's mystery is my paternal grandmother.(because I have to break this sh*t down to avoid losing my ever-loving mind)  She died when I was five.  I can't find proof of her last marriage to my Grandpa Earl.  I find a marriage certificate with another man's name on it. 

My brother supposes that they chose to change names somewhere along the way. "Back then" he says people did that and it was easier. You just adopted a name and it "eventually" came legal.

Then he says "Uncle Jim had legal problems from Grandma not being honest with names."


He was a product of her first husband and is my dad's half-brother.  While he changed his name legally, it means my cousins aren't quite as cousin-y as we thought. (to this I am SO relieved. You don't even KNOW.)

Then he suggested that I look into our mom's side of the family and I answered "Well, her first married names was Rogers".  *BAM*

Then he made a Mr Rogers joke.

I told him we were inches from being a Maury Povich episode.

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Swistle said...

I've often thought about how many things in our family trees might not be QUITE what we thought. It seems like everything gets forgotten in a generation or two, so then we're left with only what's written down---and people write all SORTS of things that aren't quite true.