26 April 2012

Dispatch from the Recliner

It's day 16 of captivity.  Not that I'm counting, at all.

Today is my last day of bedrest.  I'm excited for this milestone even though it actually means eff-all because I still can't put weight on my foot or leave the house. It's the passage of time that I'm looking toward.  Now only three weeks until I hopefully get a boot then life returns to normal-ish.

I'm not quite weaned off the pain meds but I'm getting closer every day.  I will switch over to Tylenol soon.  That's my next milestone.  Mastering the Mad Max Scooter will be after that. 

Mad Max Scooter

I'm tired of television but that's okay.  I discovered Long Island Medium and for that, I am grateful for my broken leg.  I so want to be her friend.  I just enjoy her personality.

Before I fell we discovered Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory on MTV.  He makes me laugh like no other.  I tweeted about the dodge ball episode that I was going to keep it forever for the Total Crap Day Cure.  Last week I was having a little pity party and I played that episode,  it totally worked.

I am missing out on my mother-in-law's birthday party.  This bums me out a little with the exception of she wants to go to the casino and eat crab.  This would make me crazy if I was a whole person, let alone a broken one.  Once again, I am glad for the brokenness.

I check in with work every day and that breaks some of the monotony.  It's a little weird to work remotely but I enjoy it mostly.  I think I'm going to miss that a lot when I do return to work.

Yesterday one of my coworkers asked about the get well flowers that they sent.  It was kind of a strange question as she followed it up with "Are they still alive?"  My boss was relaying the questions and even she was all "WTH?"

It turns out she wanted me to take a picture of my cast and the flowers.   I know, right?  What an odd request. I said "Yeah, I don't see that happening" and my boss more diplomatically said "She can't do that."

Now they're wondering when they can visit and that gives me such anxiety.  It feels overwhelming. 

Speaking of overwhelming, all the kids just came over and signed my cast.  Boy Little & Girl Little wrote their names, Boy Little #2 drew a house, Big #2 drew a sword and Big #1 drew flames. The Nephew drew the Batman logo.

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Swistle said...

This whole thing continues to seem surreal. You slipped on the steps---and LOOK at all this! Everything TOTALLY DIFFERENT for awhile!