22 April 2012

Little Happys

So I have my big girl cast now. I chose purple and I really like it. I decided that I was going to make the best of this in little ways. Like choosing a purple cast.

I wanted a red scooter but I wasn't there to pick it up so it's blue. It's also a little bad ass. Imagine a scooter you kneel on then give it four wheels then make it into a ten-speed bike. I will take a picture later when I'm not laying flat on my back.

My stitches are out and the incisions are healing. I couldn't bear to look at it though. I will wait until it's healed. But I did discover I broke four bones, not three. *high five* My X-ray looks like they left random screws in my leg.

They found an antibiotic that I don't react to and that makes me absurdly happy.

Kevin has learned how to grocery shop. I'm proud to say that he got hit on in the bread aisle. He phoned me because he wasn't sure what happened.  "She was dressed up for grocery shopping. She was wearing high heels."

I caved and bought a swifter wet jet. I can use it from the comfort if my wheelchair pretty easily.  Strange that I've been mulling over getting one for months and now I need one.

I'm tired of television already. I've found myself sitting in silence, which would never happen before. But I'm not quite able to concentrate on a book yet. I have a big stack of books that I'm so looking forward to reading. I think in a few more days I will be weaning from the pain meds then I'll get my read on.

My father-in-law has been cooking for us, bless his heart. He's so happy to be needed. He brings me mail every day too. The sweetness is overwhelming.

That's pretty much everything. As awful as it is, there are a lot of little things to find happiness in.

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Swistle said...

Wow, you broke a BONUS bone?