03 April 2012

Surely You Jest

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I wanted to change my pseudonym from Firegirl to something else.  I've thought about it and talked to BFF K who helped me decide on a new one.

My mother had something like a hundred siblings.  Again: my grandparents were married THREE TIMES EACH.

She had one sister who died from Leukemia shortly after I was born.  My mom has said that I am most like her. Her name was Shirley.

Shirley is such an old lady name though.

So we came up with an alternate spelling of "Surely", as in the title of this post.

In honor of my aunt whom I never met but who seems to walk through this life with me, Surely shall be the new pseudonym.

I like it very much. This one will I will most likely keep forever.  I hope you enjoy it.

(I will try to change it on twitter and pinterest as well so don't freak out if I disappear)

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