02 June 2012

Catching Up on My Reading

My DRIOD has been a lifeline over the past two months.  (it seems odd now that it's been two months when two months ago I was FREAKING OUT about being home for two months.  Now I have 20 days to go, I think)

Wait, what?

Oh, my phone.

I love my phone.  I was able to keep up with everyone while lying in the hospital, in my own bed, and in the recliner.  Or lately in the tub where I've been having a two times daily spa treatment for my foot. (not as fun as it sounds)

But email tends to pile up when viewed on a small screen.  I finally sat down with the laptop today and began furrowing my way through all the emails.

I think I responded to everyone that emailed. It might have been in Pain Meds-ese but responded all the same.

I had a whole whack of pictures from the day before the accident (Mother's Day?) that I hadn't done anything with.

A LOT of "Oh, I'll go back and read that later when I'm not high."  Yeah, I so hit the delete button on those.

To my chagrin, there were new blog commenters that I haven't followed through with. Gah I hate that.  My deal is that if you comment, I go check out your profile/bloggity and comment if I can muster a comment that doesn't fill me with anxiety.  So, I have some work to do there.  Tomorrow maybe.

I'm also catching up on everyone's blogs.  I only have the lovely Swistle and Dooce on my phone so I've got some serious reading to do. CK wrote!! Melina went to ALASKA? Daydream Believer is in Germany!   You guys went and Lived your LIFE while mine stood (not really) still?!  (:-D

And Twitter...OMG Twitter.  I tried really hard to not post while high and I think I managed that. (anyone?)  Although today I tweeted that wheelchairs were fun, albeit because I know I can walk.  While not on pain meds anymore, probably not my wisest decision.

@Duwaxloolu...the pictures of the baby and the dog helped my days pass as well. thanks!
If you're not following @HonestToddler on Twitter, you're missing out.  Especially if you're a mom.

So I'm back and venturing out into the interwebs. What else did I miss? 
I will be writing regularly again, starting Monday.  My brain is getting full and I need to shake it out.

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