03 June 2012

And Now We Sit

One of my incisions is taking it's damn sweet time to heal. It's the gnarliest one that runs from my heel to mid-calf. It's certainly going to scar.

Because I can't turn my ankle yet, I am forced to use modern technology to track the healing process.  I use the camera on my phone to take a picture.

It has been a really good solution as I can look back when I'm not clear about it looked yesterday.

So that's fun. And no I'm not posting them, it grosses me out a little.

Imagine if I lost my phone right now. The finder would have questions for sure!

I'm back in the recliner without the boot and the sock off as much as possible. My thrice daily "spa" treatments are on hold until the incision heals.

Oh and my first physical therapy is on Wednesday.  All kinds of fun happening over here.

I am trying not to be disappointed but I am. I had actually and literally taken huge steps forward just to land on my ass again.

It could be worse, I know. I just assumed that after eight weeks the incisions would not be a problem.

Shiny side... I have nearly 30 episodes of Ghost Whisperer on the DVR, Swistle has me addicted to peanut butter Clif bars, and I have so many books to read that I felt guilty buying another the other day.

There is always a shiny side.

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