13 June 2012

It's All Little Stuff

My father-in-law doesn't talk much to his siblings.  There has been lots of conflict and strife over the years and it resulted in a few broken relationships. Out of six siblings, one needs a flow chart, graphs, and laser pointer to know who is talking to who.

(Sidenote: One of the brothers slept with and married the others wife, so we don't see a reconciliation there anytime soon.  Although they're still married so it least it was love and not lust)

Through the magic of the facebook, he reunited with one of sisters after 25 years.  Twenty five YEARS. Twenty five years they lost.  Anniversaries, grandchildren, deaths, retirements, milestones all missed because of pride and hurt feelings.

As you often hear, they really had no idea what precipitated the break.  They each kind of know the timing (their mother suffered a debilitating stroke) but each confessed that it was all unclear now.

And more importantly: that it just wasn't important anymore.

Again, we hear it all the time: once you get older, it just doesn't matter anymore.  The stuff you thought was huge just really isn't. It's all little stuff.

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