11 June 2012

Interior Design by Accident

This weekend I spent putting the house "right".  Right being defined as "The way it was before April 9th."

A little to my surprise, many things did not go back. 

Out of five rugs, only one went back and even then it was a new one. 

The dining table did not get moved back to it's original space because we like the extra room. 

To Kevin's chagrin, two decorative pillows returned to the bed.  One did not simply because I repurposed it. 

The laundry hamper returned to the bathroom from it's temporary location next to the washer.  This I am ambivalent about and I think bears more discussion.  It usually lives near the shower in our bathroom.  Because I couldn't lift anything (technically still not supposed to) Kevin moved it next to the washer then carried our clothes out to it.

The carrying dirty clothes out individually part is inconvenient yet I do enjoy having the hamper right there where I need it. However, I don't like that it's the first thing you see as you walk in our back door.  Then I thought that perhaps I would just buy another hamper but that's just silly and unnecessary.  We'll just have to see how it goes.  In the real world, this is not a problem and I should probably worry about something else.

I switched where some bins were in our pantry because I couldn't stretch to reach and now I wonder why I put them up there in the first place.  Actually, they are the cookie and chip bins so I believe it was an "out of sight so I won't eat them" tactic. There's this thing called discipline that I am going to practice because they're also staying in the new location.

With the refrigerator, we put the milk, creamer, and juice on a lower shelf for when I was wheeling about. This bothered the both of us.  Milk belongs on the top shelf where God intended. (:-D  Now everything is back in it's rightful place.

The ramp is gone from the stairs outside and the chair that Kevin put on the stair landing is as well.  It was too difficult to get out on the big deck so he put a chair out on the stairs so I could still sit outside in the sun.  He, nor the dog, appreciated having an already small space being occupied by a chair.  

It's funny to me that these changes that we made on an emergency basis have turned out to be good things in the long run.  It's as if this fall has forced me to feng shui the house. 


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Swistle said...

This was VERY INTERESTING. (And "by Accident"---ha ha, clever!)