12 June 2012

Do You Hear What I Hear?

I think the television has been on constantly every day for months now.  It has been my best friend, keeping me company and holding my attention for days and nights on end. 

Today though I have kept the house quiet, not even turned it on.  I've been tempted but I've kept it off, like some strange little psych experiment.  I haven't even turned on the radio.

The quiet is soothing once you get used to it.  Although right now my father-in-law is mowing so there's not so much quiet.  It's warm out so even the dog has given up her ever-diligent barking at things known and unknown.

Usually I don't enjoy the quiet.  The ADD doesn't like it and begs for something, someone, anything to entertain it.  For some reason today, right now, it's all good.

It's not like I'm working on some huge project or obsessed with something that needs concentraton.  I've done little tasks off and on and read a book. That's all.

But beyond the mower, I hear the birds, the windchimes, and the creek.  Occasionally I'll hear one of the dogs moving around or a door close. (I jinxed it. As I write Missy Jo is on yellow-level high alert for something she thinks needs attention)

A person forgets how quiet it can be in the country.  No car horns, no people, no sirens or traffic.  Just the wind, birds, and occasional dog bark. In this electronic age, I think we all forget how good the quiet can be, regardless of where you live.

Maybe I can get used to this.

Take a few minutes.  Just be quiet for a few minutes.  Do you hear that?

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