15 June 2012

Not This Guy

One of our friends, Scotty, is the nicest guy you will ever meet.  Nicest. Guy. Ever.  He never complains, he never talks smack, he will always lend you a hand. He was our hero last summer when he put the fire out on the racecar.  He became friends with Kevin when Kevin was sick. There's some serious history there.

He came for Kevin's birthday and we met him at the truck when they pulled in.  As we waited for the kids to get unbuckled, Scotty said to Kevin "I've thought about this all the way here and there's just no other way to say it. Kevin, I have cancer."

My knees buckled right there.  Thank god his wife brought out their baby girl so I could focus. I watched Kevin sway and stammer "What? what happened?" and listened carefully as he explained.

To get an NHRA license, a through physical examination has to be passed.  Scotty is also a racer and during his exam, they found something.  Thank god his license needed to be renewed or they might not have found it. (his words)

He has/had colon cancer.  They took out a section and so far, it shows that they got all of it.  He has regular exams coming up and he knows that treatment is always waiting at the door.

You know that you're going to experience this as you age.  Family members get sick and die or you hear of former classmates or coworkers that are sick.  But when it's your friend, omg, it's awful. It's so real.

We're grateful every day that it was caught early and this will hopefully just be a one time occurrence.  We just can't imagine life without Scotty. Thank god that we don't have to.

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Swistle said...

I know it isn't cancer---but I've been feeling some of this over your recent injury. Like---things can happen to people I know. DEBILITATING things. It's so strange.