22 June 2012

Random Item of the Day

This is the chip basket I mentioned in a previous post.  The pantry has wire shelving and when we moved in I was getting more and more frustrated that things either wouldn't stay upright or would fall through.

My solution was a dollar store basket.  I put it on the top shelf with another one filled with cookies and a smaller one filled with snacks for Kevin.  Top shelf to keep me from temptation.  It is almost too far for me to reach, another reason for the baskets.

When I fell down, Kevin had to make his own lunches. (I usually do, every morning, while he eats breakfast. I am Old School Wife.)

When I was able, I started to make his lunches again.  But I couldn't get the walker into the pantry easily nor could I stretch to reach the baskets.  So I moved them to the bottom shelf.

I noticed that Kevin, in his mad genius ways, had begun clipping the "chip clips" to the side of the basket instead of tossing them in the drawer or in the bottom of the basket.  What a simple idea that works fantastically.

It is also an example of how another set of eyes can help improve even the simplest of systems.

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