20 June 2012

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Call me crazy...go ahead...but I swear I knew something was going to happen.

Like the swiffer thing.  I'd been considering that purchase for months then suddenly I needed it.

I was at a place at work where I was caught up and had things under control. If there was a good time to be gone, this was it. (sort of)

I had been on a cleaning and organizing binge.  Thank God for that or this whole disaster wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it had.

My bills were paid early. This doesn't usually happen.  Because we're not racing yet, we have more money than usual.  I haven't had to think about it almost the entire time I've been down. Kevin has been working monster hours as well so this hasn't been financially punishing.  We are So Lucky in that way. So Lucky.

We're not racing yet.  We are getting a late start this year due to scheduling and weather.  This, of course, is beyond our control but it's one more thing that went our way. Normally we would be so in the thick of it right now.

I had just brought home a few pairs of track pants.  I don't usually wear them but they were nice so I brought them home.  Now I've worn nothing else for the past two months.

Now that life is slowly regaining balance and normalcy, I keep seeing instances of Oh Yeah, I must have known something was going to happen. So weird.

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