24 June 2012

What Can We Do?

When I fell, we heard "What can we do?" a lot.  At the time, we were so overwhelmed, we couldn't think of what people could do.  Now, today, as I was able to clean my own house (slowly, so slowly) I thought about it.

Here's what you can give or do for someone that has been incapacitated for whatever reason:

Magazines, books, puzzle books.  Simple stuff that can permeate pain meds

Lotion...especially if you have a cast because you will SO NEED IT when it comes off.  Also, it's something soothing to do while you're just laying around.

Lip balm...someone wonderful sent me some and it turned out to be a GodSEND.
I needed it so much while I was stuck in my chair. I don't know if it was the meds or what but my lips were chapped.

Movies and mindless television suggestions.  My television rarely moved from the Lifetime channel.

Funny emails and texts.  Pain and meds make actual conversations awkward, if not entertaining.  I loved having texts while I was laying in the hospital.

Easy Food...I've said it before and you'll hear it again OMG Clif Bars. I existed on those for days.  Also, someone sent Lunchables home with Kevin.  While they are kind of awful in the way of Twinkies, they were easy to eat while sitting in a recliner.

Also, think Take-Out, casseroles, and coffee cards.  Consider the overwhelmed spouse.

That's actually another suggestion: Consider the overwhelmed spouse.  I'm so pleased with our friends who stepped up & supported Kevin. I think spouses get lost sometimes in situations like these.

Easy clothes...think track pants, cozy socks, hoodies, or baggy t-shirts.  Something that can be slept in.  I have worn nothing but these items for eleven weeks.

Volunteer to do something, or actually might I suggest to just do it.  Think laundry, vacuuming, changing bedsheets, grocery shopping. Pick up their mail.  Take them to doctor appointments.

These all seem like simple things.   It was the simple things that we needed the most help with.  Not having our bills paid, or our house painted, or the grand gestures.  It was the little things that we needed and appreciated the most.

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