20 July 2012

I Discovered that I'm a Puritan

Firstly, I struggled with an appropriate title for this post. You will understand why in a minute.

We had dinner with our Canadian friends the other night and a most interesting topic came about.  As it was a group of men, mostly, sex came into the conversation.  Our friend said that every one of his co-workers (men) complain about their lack of sex lives.   This is not uncommon or new news from the male population.  I will leave out the more graphic, yet very funny, details. (it was about the men, not the women)

What he did say after that made me feel decidedly American:

"They just go down to Hastings Street and get a rub and tug"




The other guys were in tacit agreement so it's not unusual, apparently.

It's not like I don't know that such "services" exist.  It was just the matter-of-fact-ness that set me back.  It was my first personal example of where other countries call the Americans puritanical when it comes to sex.  I felt suddenly very American.

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