07 July 2012


So we are actually at the racetrack this weekend, I never thought this weekend would happen.

This is our second day here (we're in Mission, BC) and it's the end of the day.  We just finished dinner and were sitting around just chillin' with our friends.

Our friend in the wheelchair points out that the guy looking at our car as he walked by looked like Chad Kroger of Nickleback.  Jason is really loud and the guy heard him but kept walking.  We laughed about it and was in the process of explaining that he actually grew up around here and one of our Canadian friends knows him from back in the day.

As we're joking, the dude comes back into our pits and shakes everyone's hands.  It was funny to watch everyone try to determine whether or not he was the real deal.  This guy looks pretty scrubby and too skinny but who knows.  One friend googled images, one asked if he was working on a new album.  He had new Nikes on is all I noticed.

We teased Jason  that the guy probably just took pity on him because he was in a wheelchair.  I know, we're brutal but he's just as much to us.

Word spread pretty quickly and everyone was trying to figure it out.  One of our friends actually got on the internet to check their tour schedule, which coincidentally ended in Vancouver a week or so ago.

After all is said and done, we believe it was an imposter but none of us cares because it gave us a funny story to tell.  "Hey remember that time we didn't meet Chad Kroger?"

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