01 July 2012

Fun with Interweb Searches

The hiking boots are not working for me.  The tread grips the carpet and makes walking difficult.  The two sizes too big makes walking difficult as well. 

The alternative is high top sneakers.  I did look in the stores while shopping for the boots but there literally wasn't any.  (Big 5, Kroger, REI)

I did a search this morning and OMG.  The choices are so unbelievably limited.  First, I'm not a middle schooler nor a hipster.

Second, if you want high tops, you must be "quirky".

Chuck Taylors have absolutely no support, ankle or arch.
DC's are cool but a little spendy.
The remainder I feel like I have to clarify that I'm not eight years old or Victoria Beckham.

Like  these:
Photo from Amazon.com

Photo from Zappos.com

Photo from Zappos.

Photo from Zappos.com

1 comment:

Swistle said...

Ha ha ha! Each pair was funnier than the one before! Especially when I pictured you wearing them alongside a crabby expression!