17 July 2012

My Stories!

My attachment to the television has only grown stronger over the last three months.  The DVR is full of shows that I watch now that I didn't before.

So of course, the dvr would decide now is a good time to give it up.  The poor tech person has been here two hours trying to figure out WTF is up with our system.

Because of all this, we have lost all our dvr recordings.  Gone are the last two episodes of GLEE, which are my go-to bad mood eradicators.  Gone is my favorite Rob Dyrdek's Fantasty Factory episode. Gone are twenty episodes of the Ghost Whisperer.

Oh the horror.

Positive side: we will have whole home dvr which doubles our recording capacity, because we obviously need MORE to watch.  I'll be able to watch the dvr in our bedroom where previously we could not.

I so should have done this twelve weeks ago.

The tech guy looks like someone I used to date.  I mean A lot, other than the height.  It's not a little bit strange.  I wish Kevin was here to say "OMG, he totally looks like him."

Our bedroom door slams occasionally.  I'm sure it's just the breeze that does it but there is always the slim chance that it's my dad haunting the house. When it slammed just now, I made this joke to the tech guy.  He looked a little startled.  I guess not everyone believes in ghosts.

Now I get the joy of rebuilding our recording list, the channel list, and making all the user-friendly tweaks that I feel compelled to fiddle with.  But in the meanwhile, I am going to mourn the loss of all my stories I had saved.

I think I need bigger problems.

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