26 July 2012

News & Notes

The dog sleeps with the radio on.  If we don't put it on, she wanders the hallway and/or sleeps with her head on the kitchen floor like a drunk.

I put my Buzz Lightyear boot in Monica's Closet to store.  The surgeon said to keep it "just in case", which is disconcerting.  I did up all the straps  and I realize that I have developed PTSD from the sound of velcro.

Does anyone else mutter "F&*k off" to the lady that narrates that Lizopene (?) commercial?  The one where it begins with "Are you overweight?"  No? It's just me?  Okay, it's time for me to step away from the television.

Almost everything we lost on the DVR switch has been regained.  Thank you summer re-runs. (again, I need bigger problems)

Now I'm fascinated with Meet the Hutterites on National Geographic Channel.  There are Hutterites around here so I'm familiar with them.  I think it's interesting that while everything is provided for them (thus no financial worries) the burdens of all the restrictions seem  so much worse than any financial stresses.

Does anyone else use the bathroom Dixie Cups?  Have you had a difficult time finding them?  Kroger only stocks plastic ones now (WTH Kroger?)  I've even had a difficult time finding them at Target.  Are they not in demand anymore? Am I still in 1985?

In other shopping news, Kevin brought home Arnold Palmers Sweet Tea in tiny little single use packets.  He gets them from a distributor at this work and I've looked online (mail order only) and at Krogers but can't find them.  frustrating as they are totally yummy  They are a mixture of iced tea and lemonade, so essentially it's sweet tea.

I haven't been to Target in over fourteen weeks.  How sad is that?

Otherwise, life has almost returned to "normal".  I only work part-time and still have restrictions but each day gets a little better.

How's your summer going?

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