14 July 2012

Plan Your Trips

One of the new things I've learned with this whole adventure is also a skill that I was taught in middle school home economics: clean as you go.  But I had to expand it to "plan your trip."

My middle school home ec teacher must have had OCD because she insisted that everything be cleaned as you go.  Something is simmering? clean the counter, something is baking? wash the dishes.  Waiting for the iron to heat? clean up your mess.  You get the idea.

And I do that.  I think that's part of the reason that I am not the best cook: I get caught up in the details.  I'm cleaning up while something is cooking and next thing we know: burnt.  (it's not actually that bad)


One of the better pieces of advice that a charge nurse gave me was "Plan your trips".  This was when I was on bedrest.  If it's time to go potty, figure out what you need and get it while you're up.  Get some water and a snack.  Pick up whatever has fallen out of your reach.  Put on that sweatshirt.

This took thinking ahead, which is not always my strong suit.  But now it's become a habit, which is nice.

Now I pick up  the bathroom before I leave it.  I clean the bedroom before I leave it then I can settle in the living room without having to return to either of those rooms unless I really need to.

The most difficult one is leaving the house.  It is an effort (still) to get out to the truck so I have to make sure I have everything before closing the door. (ahem...keys...cough)

I'm back at work for a measly 3-4 hours a day and I'm having to relearn this skill all over again.  It has been surprising to me how much I walked around in my job.   Now that I can't just hop up and do something, I have to think it through.

Overall, I think this is a good skill to grow.  I believe it will make me a little more thorough and economical in my movements. Just imagine when I am at full speed again.  Just look at what I will accomplish!

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