19 July 2012

The Yellow Dog

Everyone who lives out here has a dog.  It's a country thing.  We know most all the dogs by name or at very least by face.

There is one dog that we only occasionally see .  On the really rainy, London-ish kind of days The Yellow Dog appears.  He is a long haired Golden Retriever and is always soaking wet.  (yes, rain = wet dog. I'm genius)

But that is the only time we see him.  On the rainy days.  Never on the sunny ones.  When he does visit, he doesn't come near us at all, always keeping a distance or even a fence between us.

People don't come looking for him. Unlike our friend Winston the white sheepdog that occasionally comes to visit, much to the frustration of his owner who has to take a car to come get him.  (dogs travel as the crow flies, humans not so much)

I talk to him but he always looks bewildered, almost as if he is surprised that I see him.  Missy is unconcerned with him most times, which is unusual as she has a strong dislike of other dogs who aren't Lucky Dog.

We've decided that he must be a Ghost dog.  It's the only explanation.

P.S.  The Ghost dog just appeared. On a sunny day!  And I thought "I will get a picture!  How great is this!"

My camera locked up and wouldn't work.  I swear to God. 

It's a ghost dog, I'm telling you.

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