22 July 2012

What a Birthday!

I keep forgetting to tell you about something we saw in Vegas last November.

We always go to Fremont.  You haven't been to Vegas if you haven't spent an evening there.  It was one of the places where you look around and say "This is what I thought Vegas would be like."  It is the true human circus.

There are laser light shows every hour on the hour.  It is one of the most fantastic things I have ever witnessed.  Lights, music, and everyone enjoying the show is just amazingly overwhelming.

As it was this past time.  This time though we noticed that there was a private party in the middle of  the "street." We commented that it was a great idea and how much would it cost and we should remember that someday.

Then it was time for the light show.  Unlike the other shows, it wasn't rock music.  It was "What A Wonderful World" and instead of the usual graphics, there were photographs.  Family photographs.  We were a little puzzled until we heard exclamations
It was a woman's 60th birthday.  This was her birthday party. Her family made this happen.

They provided her favorite songs and generations of photographs.  Weddings, birthdays, camping trips, babies, graduations, funny portraits, school pictures.  They had every part of her life represented in pictures.

You can't help but shed some sentimental tears over that, now can you?  It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Here is a photo from Google Images because I can't find the one I took:

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