07 October 2012

Andy Rooney Post

Things that are bugging me right now.

The "Meebo" bar that certain websites have that takes up the bottom part of the screen.  I actually think "eff off, Meebo" every time i click to reduce it. This cannot be the customer satisfaction that Meebo or user websites are going for.

Jessica Simpson.  There really is no need for explanation beyond her name.

"How I lost 30 Pounds!!!"  This is called the Divorce Diet.  Most of us have tried it, shut up.  (see: most recent People magazine)

Un-attentive drivers.  Put down your cell phone (hey, did you know it's illegal, like, everywhere?) your food, your cigarette.  Getting on the the freeway at 45 mph tells me you have no will to live nor care if I do.

Clothing sizes.  Can't they just be universal?  They are supposed to be but they're so not.  Not. Even.  Also, the fact that the national average size of women's clothing is considered plus size in some stores just irks me. This does not apply to men's clothing.  WTH.

That CMT seems to see it as their sole mission to make Americans from the South look as stupid as possible.  Not everyone from the South is "redneck" just like every person that is African American is a thug.

I'm seriously tired of the glorification of bad behavior in everything.  Breaking Bad, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Jersey Shore, Honey Boo Boo, Real Housewives.  It's no surprise that we feel like the world is going to Hell when this is all we see in television and magazines.  Surely there has to be some good stuff going on out there that we can watch instead.

And don't get me started on the whole zombies and vampires thing.

Facebook during elections.  I am always so disappointed when I see people I know post idiotic memes and statements on their pages.  I don't mind differing opinions but I do very much mind uneducated and judging opinions.

Now I need to do a Things that Make Me Happy post to offset this crankiness.

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Swistle said...

The clothing sizes thing drives me nuts. And particularly the way men can buy pants in a huge range of inseams for every waist size, but we just assume women all have legs of a certain length.