28 October 2012

Where The Bodies Are

This seemed a proper Halloween post.

Where I live is pretty secluded.  We live on the boundary of two rural counties, not far from the Canadian border.  So it can get weird here.  Not many houses, just a gas station, a bar, and lots of woods.

Over the years, the neighborhood (because it's not quite a town) has become a popular place to leave bodies.  Yep, bodies.  Sometimes the act (of creating "bodies") happens here and sometimes it just becomes the final resting place.

Let's start next door. Across the creek from us is an older farmhouse. It used to be horse ranch.  A few years before Kevin and I bought the property, there was a murder.  The ranch owner (who shares the same surname as us but is not a relation) was murdered in his bed by his daughter.

For years, no one lived in that house.  When people did move in, they didn't stay long and rumor had it that it was haunted.  Finally a couple bought it, extensively remodeled it, and lived there.  Then her husband died.  He was just sick though, not killed.

Now, if we head toward I-5 (the freeway), a teenaged girl was dropped off either dead or for-dead after announcing that she was going to tell that her mother's boyfriend had been doing not-so-nice things to her.  The boyfriend now lives in prison for the rest of his life.

Go about a mile east further and the body of high school teacher was found.  He was killed by a jealous husband for having a relationship with the man's wife. As happens.

If you head north, the next exit is uninhabited except for a gas station.  There have been two overdoses at the gas station and one suspicious death of a man in a car at the actual gas station and one on the other side of the freeway.

If you head south-east, there is a backroad where the young man of a Canadian couple who disappeared from the ferry was found.

Then there is the Alger Six that I wrote about when it happened.  Their deaths are the most haunting.

Fortunately the woman with the slashed throat is still alive.  There have been no further details other than her husband is in jail, awaiting a trial.

So, there's the dead body tour of our neighborhood. Makes you want to live here, doesn't it? 

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Swistle said...

This is such a shivery mix of creepy/scary but also FUNNY: "He was just sick though, not killed" and "the act (of creating 'bodies')" and "As happens."