08 October 2012

So, This was Weird, in a Really Bad Way

I came home on Friday afternoon, like I always do.  On the main road to my house, there is a big sweeping curve.  As I got closer, I noticed cars.  Then I noticed that they were Sheriff's cars.  And State Patrol cars.  And crime scene tape.


I had to actually stop for a Sheriff car to move so I put my window down and asked the nearest deputy what had happened.

"Oh, just an assault."

"An assault?"


I was surprised at his nonchallantness, frankly.  "Well, that's comforting being as I live RIGHT OVER THERE."

He didn't respond.  (I know, right?)

I went home, checked the news, checked the websites, found nothing.  My mom always has the police/fire scanner on, yet she didn't call.  She always calls if something is happening anywhere near us.

So, I thought maybe road rage or a DUI gone wrong or something.

No, no, no, big fat No.

Awhile later Twitter pops up with "Woman with slashed throat stumbles out of woods."




So now I begin to really search the interwebs.  Did I think to go next door to ask the parents? No.  But more on that in a minute. (because surely they would mention it if something happened)

Finally, hours later, this is posted:

BELLINGHAM, Wash. (AP) - Authorities say a blood-soaked woman who walked out of woods south of Bellingham was rushed to a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The Bellingham Herald says Chief Dave Ralston of South Whatcom Fire Authority reported the woman emerged shortly after noon Friday. The newspaper says her throat was slashed.

The woman was not immediately identified.

Whatcom County sheriff's Sgt. Scott Huso says Skagit County law enforcement has taken the lead in the investigation because it appears the crime scene is in that county.

Additional details were not immediately available.

Uggghhhh.  Not comforting.  Even Kevin was a little uncomfortable with this whole situation.  He didn't get home until 6:00 pm and worked from 6:00 am - 3:00 pm on Saturday. So, here I was home alone.  Fun!

That night I bought dinner at the local tavern and while I was waiting, I thought "Who would better have gossip than the local bar?" so I asked.  But they didn't know anything more than I did.   The same at the coffee stand the next morning.

Sadly, there were comments that it has been a few years since there's been a killing here.

Finally at about noon on Saturday this was released:

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. - Authorities have arrested a 30-year-old Burlington man hours after a blood-soaked woman walked out of woods south of Bellingham with her throat cut.

Skagit County Undersheriff Tom Molitor says the suspect, who was in a domestic relationship with the victim, was arrested Saturday in Eastern Washington. The man will be transferred to Skagit County either Saturday or Sunday.

Molitor says the 20-year-old victim crawled from a wooded area along Nulle Road near the Whatcom-Skagit County line where she had been assaulted and left for dead. A citizen called after noon Friday to report finding her.

The woman was rushed to St. Joseph's Hospital in Bellingham where she is expected to recover. Molitor says she suffered severe cuts to her throat and substantial blood loss. She has not been able to talk to investigators.

The names of the victim and suspect have not been released.

Molitor said it is believed the suspect acted alone and there is no further danger to the public.

Isn't that just perfectly awful?

At least they caught him.  Hopefully she lives and fully recovers.  

When Kevin got home from work on Saturday, the family had left for a family wedding so we didn't talk to any of them until Sunday. (super unusual) So it was only then that we got to hear that there were officers, deputies, dogs, and helicopters SEARCHING OUR PROPERTY.

I think we have to have a talk about what warrants a telephone call to your kids.
Because this seems like it should be in that category.

 That's what's going on here.  How was your weekend?

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