15 October 2012


Two observations from today.

When I left for work today, someone pulled out in front of me then proceeded to drive erratically onto the freeway.  They weren't speeding, but kept weaving quite a bit.

I assumed that the person was on the phone or drinking, by the way they were driving. I got past them and finally saw that the driver was a woman and she was crying.

It broke my heart a little.  Did someone die?  Did her husband leave her? Did her dog get hit by a car?  It was a little awful.


I work in a university town so there is are tons of college kids, especially right now as all the new students have invaded the stores with their newfound freedom.

I've spotted a student checking out another student a few times.  My impulse is always to stop the Checkee and tell them that the Checker was admiring them.  I've never done it but the impulse is always there.

To be clear, it's not leering that I see but admiring.  It just triggers this matchmaking impulse that is buried somewhere deep.  And, be honest, how happy would you be that a stranger thought you were attractive?

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