03 October 2012

Happy Birthday to You

I am terrible at remembering birthdays.  I try, I really do.  I've written lists, notated on calendars, and set up electronic reminders.  Still, I fail occasionally.

But there are some birthdays that are on my hard drive.  I will probably never forget them.  My parents birthdays, siblings, Kevins, for instance.

Every once in a while, a birthday comes along of a person that I'm no longer in contact with.  Former friends, ex-boyfriends (or husbands...although his is on Valentine's Day so it's kind of difficult to ignore) You know who I'm talking about, we all have these people.

I wonder what to do on these birthdays.  Not acknowledge them is usually what I do.  Or perhaps send a wish out into the universe.  A card doesn't seem right and certainly not a call.  These are people that have fallen out of our lives for a reason, after all.

But it's still their birthday.

This is where I enjoy the facebook, the twitter, and the texting.  It's a way to send a quiet little wave of acknowledgement without disrupting everyone's lives.

Because even though we're not in each others lives, for whatever reason, it's still their birthday. Chances are we shared birthday memories at one point in our lives together. Happy memories.  It feels wrong to let the day pass without acknowledgement of some kind.

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