25 October 2012

News & Notes

Only 20 days until we go to Vegas.  I am So Ready.  Which seems ridiculous after having so much time at home.  I am looking forward to having a break from this new routine that I have. (read: physical therapy and work)

CNN featured a new attraction in Vegas that I have a feeling that I am going to get peer pressured into doing:


Here's a random question: how long is beef stew good for?    There is a familial disagreement on how long it can be kept.  Details: hamburger - not pot roast or shredded beef,  homemade, kept in the refrigerator.

Kevin recently received two mind-boggling offers to purchase our racecar.  He's passed, without hesitation.  It is the first car we rode in together, on our first date.
There would have to be a really, really big reason for us to ever sell it.  Instead, it's been put away for hibernation until Spring.

I think if it was allowed I would only write with a pencil.  I am particular about the pens I write with and even then my handwriting tends to get crazy. I find that with pencils, my penmanship is so much better.  Also: erasers.

NaNoWriMo is starting again soon.  Every year I'm tempted.  Even this year when I have more than enough on my plate.  Some day, I will do it.

The ER cut off my pants when I threw myself down the stairs.  I have been heartsick since as they were my favorite pants.  Black brushed cords that were super comfortable.  I haven't been able to look much because of the whole not moving thing.  Yesterday I made it a goal to find them.  And I did, at Fred Meyer for $50.  I know that this isn't much, especially for happiness, but  I couldn't just drop $50 on pants right before our trip.  I comforted myself with the idea that I had at least found a store that had them.

Then I thought: the INTERWEBS.  Amazon didn't have them, nor did the first few search suggestions.  Until light shown down upon the laptop.  You will never guess who had them: SEARS.  For half-price nonetheless.  Thank you sweet baby jesus.  They will be here sometime this week!  Yes, "they" because you see I couldn't justify $50 for a pair but I could for Two Pairs!!

I need the two most recent Pampers commercials as screensavers.  They are cute overload.  First the Chair Climbers:

and now the bed heads.

So much cute!

Then there's the ad with all the laughter, starting with babies up to grandparents.  I love that one too.


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