09 October 2012

Six Months

Today it is six months since I threw myself down the stairs.  I'll let that sink in:
Six Months.

Like I mentioned before, it feels like a big hunk of 2012 is missing from my memory.  Probably because It IS.  Six months!

I am a little better every day.  I say this every day: I am a little better every day.

But I still want to punch people (therapist, doctor) when they say "12-18 Months" for a full-recovery "and even then, you'll always feel it."  I try to stay positive and cheerful but the urge to headbutt someone when they say that is nearly overwhelming.

Just a quick little update: can still totally feel the screw heads & plates in my leg.  Still turn many shades of purple at any given moment.  Still never not hurts.  Still wearing a brace.  Still working part time.  Still doing physical therapy.  Still occasionally land at home on a days bedrest.


Today is the second day in those six months that I've worn big girl shoes i.e. shoes that aren't sneakers.  I tried slip-ons a month ago and whew! did that not work out well for me.  Today I am trying my trusty old Danskos (the ones that haven't tried to kill me) and while I can't zip one the one up, I am wearing them.

So, that's happy.

Water therapy is helping immensely.  So, take my advice if you ever get hurt & have physical therapy: request water therapy.  No, demand it.  It makes All The Difference.

And pack your patience.  You'll need it. 
Follow directions.
Take each day as it comes. 
Basically just put your life on hold until further notice.

Six months ago, I was in the hospital, then on bed rest, then in a wheelchair, then in the Buzz Lightyear boot, then in multiple braces.  Yikes.  Six months ago I foolishly thought "A break is better than a sprain."  But not five breaks. Five breaks trumps a sprain, as it turns out.

At least I can legally put my foot up on my desk

Here's to a less eventful, yet more exciting next six months!!!

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Swistle said...

"Five breaks trumps a sprain, as it turns out"---HA HA HA HA in a wincing sort of way.