07 October 2012

Things I Love Right Now

Things I love right now..to offset my grouchy Andy Rooney post.

Ranch Doritos...my love for this is forever and unending.

Long Island Medium...even if you don't believe in what she does, she seems like a lovely person.

Fall decorations

Not so much Halloween decorations, except for when they startle Kevin in the store and he nearly punched it right the hell out.  Then I love that Halloween decoration

The fact that Kevin is trying to fix the yard but is also trying to accommodate the dog's love of lying in the sun, in that exact spot.

Warm vanilla sugar scented lotion

Thirty-ish more days until we go to Vegas


Twitter, when something like eliminating Big Bird happens.

Scandal on ABC.  So.Good.  Makes me miss West Wing.

There, that should offset the grumpiness I put out into the universe earlier.

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