04 November 2012

Screw Heads, Screw Head, Roly Poly Screw Heads

Did any of you sing along with the title?  It's kind of an obscure reference.  Dr. Demento has a song that is called Fish Heads. I was going to add the link but hooo boy, is that some bad 80's video.  (save yourself, don't look it up)


I bought new sneakers today!! 

I didn't get the pretty, pretty purple ones that I've been coveting because they're ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS for the love of sweet baby jesus.

But I did get a pair of ASICS on sale at the Fred Meyers.  Instead of $75,  they were $55.  Hooray.

I wear a 8.5 size shoe now.  I used to wear a 8. They warned me that this would probably happen. As luck would have it, I only tried on two pairs of shoes. The first were $75 and I liked the colors better but the curve of of shoe by the ankle bone *just* missed the screw heads.  I guessed that the moment that the shoes wore just a little bit, then the seam of the shoe would rub.  *shudder*

What a problem to have, really.  I really have to get over my squeamishness about feeling the screw heads & plates.

The second pair fit better, a little further curved down as to avoid any contact with the bumps, we shall refer to them now.  But the color is predominantly black with purple trim.  I decided that fit was more important than color, which is very mature but doesn't leave me not pouting over the pretty, pretty purple shoes that I really really want.

I know that I've mentioned this before but it bears being mentioned again: WTF with all the wildly colored sneakers?  I grew up in the eighties for goodness sake and I am surprised by the wild color combinations.

So, there is one more step (see what I did there?) toward normalcy.  New sneakers!!  

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