24 September 2020

Six Months

 Has everyone seen the thread/article about the Six Month Wall?  I read it on the twitter and retweeted it then it popped on the facebook and I reposted it.  And here it is:  Six Months

This spoke to me because I was feeling a little low.  My motivation had disappeared, I was sleeping in instead of getting up for work, I found myself binge-watching NCIS.  I chalked it up to the season and weather change.  And that still could be some of it. 

As I read this though, I felt it.  It feels like This is Never Going to End.  We probably have another six months of this, at least.  While we have a rhythm and we've kind of figured this out, it's still Not Normal.  We keep trying to grasp at anything we can find that feels normal.  For me, it was watching the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.  For the first time in six month, something felt familiar and comfortable.

We're starting to look toward the holidays now.  I keep telling my BFF that I'm going to get out my Fall and Halloween decorations.  I still haven't.  I open the door to Monica's Closet and just sigh.  I know that if I just suck it up buttercup, I will feel better.  Yet, here I am.

The thing that I keep reminding myself is that this is all temporary.  This mood will pass, six months will happen faster than we can imagine.  Hopefully a year from now the memory of this will have begun to fade.

In the meanwhile, this article made me feel better.  

And I'm listening to this TedTalk and trauma presentation again. It had a huge impact on me a few years ago. Making me see the bigger picture when it comes to how the current atmosphere, if you will, is affecting us, whether we think it is or not.  It's geared toward social services and first responders but I really, honestly feel like we are all social service workers and first responders right now.   Beyond the Cliff and Re+Fuel

Again, just because you're not a first responder or work in social services doesn't mean these don't apply to you.  We are all essential workers right now.

But that's pretty heavy stuff to listen to, even though it's enlightening. So here are two things that have gotten me through this week:

I protest-downloaded the ticktock app the other day.  Once I figured out how to set the algorithm, OMG.  I haven't laughed like that in a while.  Go do it.  Make sure you hit the heart on the ones you like so the algorithm will know what to show you. Mine is set to dogs and a few really great humans that make me smile.  (look up #MyBoy or #StepDad if you need a good cry)

Human of New York on the social media is featuring the autobiography of Tanqueray in conjunction with a gofundme that has reached a staggering amount and gives you faith in this world again.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go get my Halloween decorations out.  No, I am. Seriously. I AM.

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Swistle said...

I did, like, 15 minutes' work in my clothes closet, and could not believe how much better I felt. Could I make myself apply that feeling to motivate myself to deal with other areas of the house? SADLY I COULD NOT