05 September 2020

Two Outta Three

One of the things to know about me is that I tend to go head-long into things without thinking them through or fully paying attention.  This makes me super fun to live with, for sure.

This week though, man.  Consequences of my own in-attention.  

It was a busy week; full of work, projects, and errands.  I haven't had one of those kinds for weeks for a while so it was fun but a little dizzying at the same time.  

So, the other day I was going into the grocery store.  Hurrying, not paying attention, and tripped on my own feet.  Only I could trip on my own feet.  Down I go onto the sidewalk.  Bounced right back up like nothing happened and proceeded into the store.  Thank you adrenaline.  Also, if you don't look: you're not hurt.  (remember this in a minute)

First off, when I broke my foot off my leg, they taught me in physical therapy not to use my broken leg/foot to catch myself if I ever fell. This is intended for me not to rebreak anything.  Yeah, that didn't stick in my brain.  (it's all good, no need for worry)  I'm thankful that it didn't because I ended up with just a skinned elbow and a scratched phone case.  It coulda/shoulda been a little worse.

But it's still not great:

I feel silly because who falls anymore?  ME.  I look like a six-year-old with skinned elbows and/or bandaids on my arm.  One doesn't realize how much you use an elbow until you take the skin off of it.

Now fast forward ONE DAY.  Just one.  Remember I said that I had ideas about the garden?  Well, I started on it and it required more 4-8 rock like I used before.  I finished one section then decided to begin the other part of the project.

This was the day that I had to work here at home, go into the office, run errands and take Lucy for walkies.  This is where I say again that I might not have been paying attention.

I wear these really great gloves that were given to us that are thin but grippy.  The problem with being my size is that gloves are always too big for me.  I was wearing gloves though.  I was trying to be safe.

A particularly big rock was being placed on the path I'm making when it shifted.  I felt it go and pulled my hand back just in time for my glove to catch between the rocks and thusly my finger.  

At first I thought "Well, that didn't feel good but it could have been worse..." and began to work again. But a few minutes later, I thought...."Is that...blood?"  So I reluctantly took off the glove.  Like Kevin said "Nothing is more scary than taking off your glove because you think there's blood."  Yeah buddy.

There wasn't blood.  Well, there was, just not outside of my skin.  My finger had immediately swollen, blackened, and bruised.  Go figure.

Like a little kid, I was fine until I saw that I was actually hurt.  Then I got a little mad because that is the correct response for this situation.*shaking my head*  *hello trauma response*    I went into the house, grabbed an ice-pack and sat down with my hand above my head for fifteen minutes.  And pouted.

Oooh boy did it swell up.  The skin was super tight and I thought I was going to have to call Kevin.  But I kept flexing my hand, took an ibuprofen, and went back to work.  Like you do. 

By the end of the day, it looked like this:

It's sore but not broken. I think the bruise is going to be there for a while and the fate of the fingernail remains uncertain.  It's darker today.  (the black on the other fingernail is paint. I only hit the one finger)
My elbow is actually the thing that hurts worse.  Go figure.

I believe that things come in threes.  I've had this proven to me too many times to discount.  I'm on number two so I'm waiting for number three.  I'm out of rock for now so not to worry. I was going to finish paint the tool shed today but it feels like that should maybe wait.

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