17 December 2020

Communicating with Pictures

After a particularly frustrating email exchange with an advocate whom I don't enjoy, I realize how invaluable memes have become as a means of communication.  RUN-ON SENTENCE FOR THE WIN. It's so perfect that I'm not even considering changing it. Wait for it:

In an ironic twist, here is an example of an email from said not-enjoyable advocate:

"I see a Misty tomorrow Mindy do I need to get a new consent from her"

Yep. No punctuation, no grammar, no salutation or closing, no sense.  Super fun.  My name is neither of those names. Not even close enough to be considered an auto-correct.  I receive one of these emails weekly.

I only use the memes with my job partner and chosen advocates. There is an actual file saved on my desktop labelled "Reactions" chock full of memes.   Here are a bunch of examples, the first one was sent to my job partner in response to above email.


So, when everything is stressful and upside down, may I suggest using meme's as a communication device.  I find that it helps.  Breaks the monotony, it's fun to search for, and makes someone else laugh.  It's all winning, actually.

And I just realized that next time I can use my "Don't Call Me Peaches" photo as a response! Ha!

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