15 May 2021

Neighborhood Watch

 Yesterday early evening my phone rang.  My phone rarely rings, people know not to phone me.  The only time it rings is the parents and they have a specific ringtone. (Stewie saying Mom,Mom,Mom for my m-i-l and my mom, old fashioned ringer for my f-i-l)

Usually I ignore calls but I walked to my phone and looked just to make sure.  It was my sister-in-law, the one who lives next door.  Sigh.

I swear this is true.

"Have you seen my dad?"  Her dad lives on the other side of us, his house is visible from theirs and WUT.

I explained that I had been gone a big portion of the day so not today but Maybe? yesterday?  "All the days blend into one, I'm not sure but I think he mowed the lawn yesterday."

"Oh, okay, good." she sighs.

I will never understand this as long as I live:

"Chelsea has been trying to reach him and couldn't so she called me in a panic."  Chelsea is his grand-daughter and my s-i-l's niece.  


"Well, you should probably walk down there." I replied while throwing my hands.

Then she says: "Oh, father-in-law is going to go check after he gets back from town."  AFTER.HE.GETS.BACK.FROM.TOWN.

So, let me sum up:

It's her dad.

Well, that's it.  It's her dad and she's phoning everyone in the neighborhood/family instead of walking down there.

I hung up and was all AAUUUGGGHHH, and Kevin asked what that was about.  So I asked him "Have you seen Ben today?"  No, because Kevin works all the days.  I explained the situation to him and he was the same as I am "But, what? Why... what?"  Finally he shakes his head "I got nothing, I can't understand it either."

He was getting ready to leave and stepped outside to start his truck.  I hear him yell "I see Ben!!"  Ben was just pulling into his driveway, having returned from town.  Okay, whew, on some level.  Then he says "You should text s-i-l and let her know."

And I'm wondering...do I?  Should I?  Because again: it's your dad, walk your ass on down there and check on him.  But I did and she responds with she thinks his phone is broken because it rings twice and goes to voicemail.  Ummm....because he isn't home?

Live with your family, they said. It'll be great, they said.

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