24 March 2010

Garden Helpers

The weather seems to have decided that it is going to be Spring. We had a mild winter here in the Northwest, and yes I am aware how much you hate us for that. Because of the mildness, some of the plants in the rock garden may have weathered over.

But, as tradition firmly states, I have lost the identifiers of the plants that tell me they are annuals or perennials. Nice. Well done me. As a result, most of the contents of the pots are going to remain a mystery to me.

The Japanese Maple does not seem to have weathered over and that just sucks. I haven't lost all hope yet but it doesn't look good. I have mums to resurect, that I know for sure, but the rest are going to be a lovely surprise.

So I spent about thirty minutes breaking off dead stems from all the plants, just in case. Until whatever is going to grow decides to grow it is going to look a bit like 1313 Mockingbird Lane around here. Kevin said "I saw the evidence of death on the ground" when I was telling him the Lucky story.

Missy was, as usual, completely uninterested. Remaining aloof on the other side of the house watching us with disdain.

Lucky, on the other hand, just wants to be with you. Unless there is a bee. Then he's all "Peace Out Bitches" which is what happened & how he ended up here:

Thanks guys for all the help, really.

I am not going to buy any new flowers until I see what is going to grow again. I know that I will probably break this decision as soon as the pretty flowers beckon to me when I go to the store.

Are you going to garden at all this Spring?


Jamie said...

"Peace out, bitches"...hehehehe!

Not Your Aunt B said...

Garden was in then there was SNOW last weekend. Hope they made it through. Retarded Texas weather.