30 March 2010

I Am Dorothy

Have I mentioned how I don't like windstorms? Well, I don't. They make me uncomfortable. I can't sleep. I think they have a similar effect on me like full moons do on other people.

The other night was pretty windy. I have windchimes on the deck & in the yard by the garage. I always think of the movie Twister when I hear those windchimes at night.

I resigned myself to being up most of the night. I autotuned the television to sitcoms and set the sleep timer. I finally was able to open the book from the tweeker adventure and begin. I'm now about four chapters in. (really good...set in Australia)

I finally fell asleep when the Nanny was over & a movie started. Kevin is blissfully unaware that the world is blustering past the windows the whole time.

The wind picked up quite a bit and I woke up just in time to hear that creepy "creeeeaaaakkkk" sound that precedes a tree falling. Most of the trees are away from the house but I still worry that one will knock out the power or fall on the family's houses, etc. etc.

And, why? why is always windy at night? It's just not fair.

Kevin woke up when the tree fell. He went to investigate with a flashlight, as if he can do anything about it at 2:33 AM. He couldn't see anything because it's pitch black here at night. (no streetlamps, neighbors houses are dark, etc) The fact that he goes out at all like that makes me beyond nervous. (Did I ever tell you about the late night visit by the very large dog? Remind me, I'll tell you later)

And, while we're mildly hating on Kevin, he falls right back to sleep as if nothing happened.

I put in "Moonstruck" and settled back into bed. I was just considering picking up my book when I conked out. I woke up again when the VCR...yes, I said VCR, it's the only one in the house...began to rewind the tape. At 4:00-something.

Luckily, I fell right back asleep only to have the alarm go off at 5:30 because Kevin is working 6/12's right now.

I sent him off to work & it was still windy a bit. But I crawled back into bed to try to sleep another two hours. This was all well & good until Kevin texts about the tree that fell. Ugh.
I did fall asleep sort of. But I think I would have been better off staying up in the first place.

And on an interesting note: I wasn't that tired during the day AND I slept through the night. I told Kevin tonight that the key to insomnia is to stay up one night, sleep one night, rinse & repeat. I don't think he bought it but here I am working on the laptop at 11:22 pm.

A long time ago, I used to have a note that said "Hate you. Hate Kansas. Took the dog. Love, Dorothy" I think I am going to put another up there soon.

Okay. I'm going to go finish watching "He's Just Not that Into You."

What keeps you up at night? Wind? Rain? Thunder & Lightning? If so, move here, we're supposed to get all three over the next day or so. Oh, and snow at 500 feet which means snow might be in the yard when we awake. Whatever, Mother Nature.


Swistle said...

It's wind for me, too. I LIKE thunderstorms at night, and rain only worries me a little if the sump pump starts going too often ("OMG IS THE BASEMENT GOING TO FLOOD??"), but wind makes me genuinely, take-a-sleeping-pill scared.

Jamie said...

The only thing that keeps me up at night is my own brain. I'm constantly worrying and overthinking things. What's funny is I've actually been on that "stay up all night, sleep well the next night" routine you were talking about. Sigh.