25 March 2010

There is Always Evidence

My nephew used my laptop while I was at work today. Not a big deal, he does it from time to time.

I came home tonight and you know how you can tell someone’s been in your house? It had

that feeling. I was a little curious as he is a little mischievous. (He’s 25 yrs old & takes after his uncle Kevin)

All was well however. No porn on my laptop, everything put away. I did notice that he saved his taxes as “James M.F. taxes.” (use your imagination: “m” stand for mother)

Until. Until the dog suddenly dove under the dining room table. She doesn’t do that because she’s been “trained” not to vacuum for food. “Trained” being defined as “Don’t do it when the humans are present.”

That’s when I noticed a bit of candy wrapper on the floor. Laughing , I texted the nephew. “Tell the truth, did you have candy while you were here? The dog said you did.”

He replies: “I had one piece, I swear.”

“I’m just saying what Missy told me.”

“I missed a piece of foil, huh?”

“Yes. (:-D”

“My bad. Mother-effing foil”


This is the kind of stuff you would find on my cell phone.