03 May 2011

Happy Shiny People

The weather is getting nicer so I've been switching it up music-wise.  With my Sirius, I can listen to any manner of music that I choose.  Country, hair band, Sinatra, hip-hop, anything. 

The 2000's and More channel used to be one of my favorites.  Now it feels like it's mostly emo music.  No wonder everyone is depressed, the music makes you.  On the same note, no wonder Bruno Mars, Cee Lo, and Lady GaGa are all popular.  They actually have happy music!

The rest of it wears on you after awhile.  All this emo, woe-is-me, my life sucks, you broke my heart & make me want to die, music can make a happy man cry.

One of the channels that I listen to is the 80's channel. Of course it's my childhood soundtrack so I would be attracted to it.  It occurred to me this morning that it was mostly positive music.  Upbeat, happy. 

Also, there was such a broad range of music styles which shows also how the music is beginning to all sound the same.  Yes, there are exceptions to every generalization that I've made.  Yes, I feel old writing this entire post.  But it's true. 

Meanwhile if you're feeling low, crank so bitchin 80's tunes.  I bet you'll feel better.


Catherine said...

Sirus radio is on my list of things to enjoy when I return to the United States. I MISS IT! And yeah, I was hoping the emo thing would be over by now but it doesn't look like it will be anytime soon.

creative kerfuffle said...

i too am an 80s lover, but i've always speculated that regardless of what music you like (decade or genre) your go to music is the music you came of age to---the music from your high school years. that is my theory. right now my kids like 80s music, and it will probably always be one of their faves, but i think when they get to high school, THAT will be their life soundtrack.