04 May 2011

How to Apologize

So yeah, apologies have been a thread running through my life lately.  I haven't had to apologize for anything recently other than the typical "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. Squirrel" variety.

I was thinking of making an argument/apology game:

You lose if:
You refer to yourself in the third person.
You say "but" in any way shape or form.
Melodramatics of any kind are perpetrated.
References are made to any past transgression, ever.
You raise your voice.  You're not a toddler, don't yell.
Name calling (see above toddler reference)

You win if...
the other person Doesn't cry, yell, etc.
The argument ends in sex. (:-D 

 Then along came this little video from my new obsession Paul Carr (@paulgoestovegas)

This is the best/worst apology ever.  The context isn't necessary but here it is. One probably shouldn't stifle giggles, roll their eyes,or worse be sarcastic.

But I enjoy him so much...

Matt Goss: An Apology from Paul Carr on Vimeo.

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