10 May 2011

I Want An Award

Today is one of the first days since Thursday that I haven't wanted to saw my arm off.  Fun with allergies continue because of course I had a reaction to the immunization.  My arm hurt like a mother effer, swelled, was feverish & rashy and made me generally miserable.

But today! Today it simply itched and hurt only a little.  So I was pleased with the progress.

Normally I don't brag about when I do nice things in the paying-it-forward kind of way because I honestly believe that it takes away some of the goodness by drawing attention to it.  But I need to tell you to give you context.

This morning at the coffee stand the owner (our friend) had just dealt with a snarky customer and it upset her.  It didn't make her mad, it truly upset her.  This same  friend had an unpleasant encounter with a soccer mom the evening before. 

So in attempt to put some good karma out there, I paid for the next person's coffee.

My reward today, you ask?

An elderly man scraped his car mirror against my truck, breaking the brakelight and scraping the paint.

My work computer got a virus that made me take it to the computer doctor.

I hit my head on the table because I misjudged when I leaned down and smacked it on the way up.

Yeah.  *Awesome* furious thumbs up.

I bought dinner to avoid the risk of, well, burning the house down on accident because that's how I roll today.

I am taking a shower instead of a wanted bath because why tempt fate?

My hair needs highlighting but I think playing with chemicals is just a bad idea.

Instead, I am going to go lay down on the couch and forget that this day happened.  Other than I am posting it here for eternity and your entertainment.

I hope your day was better than mine.  Tell me something good that happened today!

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creative kerfuffle said...

i loved that you paid it forward and i do think shit like that comes back to you...just...ya know...not yesterday : )