15 May 2011

Things I Used to Thunk

Swistle mentioned this the other day on the twitter:
I thought this was a really fun post about things we once thought but no longer DO think:

I've been thinking about it all weekend and here is what I used to think:

1.  I used to be an atheist...I know, right?

2. I used to believe in forever

3. I used to think that there were only two sides of the story.

4.  I used to think that goals weren't worth setting.

5.  I used to think that anger was productive.

6. I used to think that anyone's reaction or emotion was about me.

This  interesting to think about because it makes a person remember what they believed in or where they stood ten, twenty years ago.  It is nice to see how a person's perceptions and opinions change & grow as time passes on, hopefully for the better.

Your turn, poppets.  What did you used to think?

1 comment:

creative kerfuffle said...

ah, this will require some serious thought. but i like the idea of it : )