30 June 2012

Stolen Voices...

This is a bit weird but worth sharing.

Way back when I was young, a young man disappeared while cruising downtown.  I remember the story because all the kids said it was foul play and the adults said no it wasn't.  It was a little contentious because who would know better if a guy had plans to disappear but his friends and classmates. (or former, as he was 18+)

Fast forward about ten-fifteen years and I'm dating Kevin.  It turns out that he knew the guy pretty well and he (the guy) was married to one of Kevin's longtime friends.  I know, small world.

Kevin & his friends were in the No Way would he disappear on purpose camp.  He had a wife, a child, and was a mama's boy.  They had even gone as far as to search for him everywhere they could think.

But he was gone, no trace.

Fast forward again about ten-fifteen years and the guys remains are found.  He was murdered after all and left behind up in the mountains.  The killer confessed after years of guilt.  It wasn't someone anyone knew.

We went to the memorial service, which was so surreal as twenty years had passed.  It became a little effed-up school reunion as "kids" gathered together to finally put him to rest.

Now, his widow has managed to have the case featured on the ID Channel. (Investigation Discovery)   The episode will air later this month, July 30th.

It will be very strange to sit down with Kevin, who actually lived through this, and watch.

Here is the link: Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets.

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