31 July 2012

A Rational Discussion About Mops

The title of this post makes me think of that toilet paper commercial that begins with "We can now have a real discussion about what happens in the bathroom."
Yeah. NO.  We can't. Thanks though, fictional person.

Remember I dithered (thank you, Swistle, for using that word...I use it often) over buying a swiffer mop?  Then I threw myself down the stairs and needed one?

And I hated it?

Or was this just me, in pain meds land?

I dislike that the product/commercial implies that no sweeping beforehand is necessary but it SO IS.  I dislike that it says it can clean just as well as a regular mop.  It also implies that it can reach anywhere!  Yes, it can, if where you need to go is either at a 45 or 90 degree angle.

I hate disposable anything.  I cringe that I'm contributing in any way to the landfills.  So I had to swiffer mop from my high horse for a little while there. 

I also didn't enjoy the swiffer brand pads/sheet/thingys.  Finally I  bought a store-brand, wet-style replacement that worked much better.  Think large diaper wipes with velcro materials.  They work so much better than the real ones.

Now that I'm "able"-bodied I continued to use the swiffer, just as a comparison and to ensure that I somehow wasn't getting 100% of the effect of swifferness.

Then I realized that the floor looked (cue 1970's Mop N Glo commercial) dingy.  It also felt a little sticky.  Hmmmm.

This weekend I mopped old school style: Libman string mop and Pine-Sol.  Even though the floors had been mopped a week ago, vacuumed twice, and we were gone most of last weekend, the water was dirty at the end of it.  Double hmmm.
Also, the floor brightened.  I think the swiffer somehow leaves a residue behind.

End result: I'm returning to my tried and true mop & Pine-Sol.  I will keep the swiffer for emergency spills or instances of laziness but I'm disappointed in it, still.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programing. 

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Wendy B said...

Jeff bought a Swiffer years ago and I HATED it. It totally left a sticky residue and with 3 kids and 2(at the time) dogs, the floor was dirty again within hours of "mopping" it with the Swiffer. It was a complete waste of money. I know people who swear by them but I bet they are cleaning their floors three times as often as I have to...HA! The extra time it takes to mop the old fashioned way is absolutely worth the end result :o)