06 June 2006

American Express Ad

Recently, American Express has had an interesting print ad. It's a Getting to know you quiz, much like you find in your email entitled "Getting to Know You." They have had interesting questions, so instead of peppering everyone with one more pass-along email I'm just posting my answers here.

Feel free to play along.

My Name: There are many versions of me.

Childhood Ambition: to be a teacher.

Fondest Memory: Ice skating with my eldest brother. (ironically, one of my worst memories is ice skating with my younger brother :-)

Soundtrack: My life *is* a country song

Retreat: My home

Wildest Dream: Living in Nantucket as a successful writer

Proudest Moment: Marrying the Mad Genius

Biggest Challenge: My past

Alarm Clock: Mad Genius saying "It's time to get up, Bud"

Perfect Day: No work, no phone, good movies, and a good book. Oh and a bath. And chocolate.

First Job: Babysitting & housekeeping

Indulgence: Books

Last Purchase: Books

Favorite Movie: I can't choose just one!

Something you've always wanted to do: Drive alone across the US

What Amuses You: Mad Genius, on a daily basis.

What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?
HAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm a licensed pyrotechnican and drag race. I laugh at Danger! No, really. Hmmm...I've done some stupid things. Street Race when I was 16, driving when I was 16. Pretty much anything I did when I was 16. Got married at 19.

Favorite word? Fuck-all is my favorite curse word. Serendipity is my favorite regular word.

Where do you dance? In the car.

What's the number one problem in the world today? Greed

If you could change the world, what would you do? Stop Poverty

Inspiration: Many things & peope inspire me on a daily basis.

My Life: is in progress and never boring.

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