28 December 2007


After, finishing our Christmas cards this year, I found myself flipping lovingly through our address book. This is the first address book the Mad Genius and I have had together. So, it's 17 years old. There are lots of scribbled out numbers, pen ink colors and business cards stapled inside. Some addresses are old, some people have passed or are just not a part of our lives anymore.

It's fun to browse nostalgicly (is that a word?)

I laughed when I saw "Jesse and Amy" Then saw that Amy's name was scratched out. They married young, went "on a break" (yes, Jesse actually used that phrase) and then split. Jesse lives in Vegas baby and Amy is long gone.

Or the grouchy, gruff old lady, Mrs. Gritz, that used to own our house. She would be amazed to see the property now.

My God how many times has "W" moved? How many names has "D" had? It's all listed there.

It made me sad to see names of people who have passed or simply faded out of our lives.

If you think about it, an address book is kind of like your life story. A journal of people you knew and places you've been.

Go look through yours...

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Anonymous said...

I have some people who have to be on post-it notes now, because they've moved so many times they've used up nearly their whole letter section of the address book!