10 December 2007

Computer Wizard

I am not a computer geek. Most of what I've learned is from trial and error. There's been a lot of "hmm, I wonder what this button does?" in my learning.
In fact, I was taught computers in high school, WAY back in 1987. Along side of my bff at the time on a Commodore 64. Back in the "RUN" days. Thank God it's easier now. Or is it?

My new computer (Thanks, Gerry the Computer Dude!) had suddenly bogged down while using the internet and slowly as I used my email as well. As I am one of the ten people in the US that still has dial-up: this was incredibly frustrating.

So, I did all the tweaks I knew how and then wandered out into the vast world of search engines.
I am a search engine rebel, I don't use the Google. I heard that gasp, it's true: I don't use the Google. I use Dogpile, I like it much better and have had better luck with it.

I found something interesting: "10 Simple Ways to Speed up Windows XP" A clever girl would have the link for you but I didn't think that far ahead. You are smart beings, I am sure you can find it if you wish. It was fairly easy and it did seem to help the computer.

The other piece of information that I learned is that a person only needs three programs on their computer and sshhh, little known secret: (to me at least) they're all free. FREE I say!
AVG Antivirus. Spybot and CCleaner. These programs have made me into such a better computer owner. LOVE that!

And I have to admit it, I have to honor my inner computer geek: I love download.com. There, I said it. I feel better now.

I also discovered something I had been told before but failed to truly realize and appreciate: you don't have to use IE! There's another option! I know! The overall cure of my internet woes laid in the hands of Mozilla. It fixed my internet! All is right again in Whooville.

So, there is the complete edition of my limited knowledge of computer stuff. It may be "DUH" to some people but perhaps it's not to others. In the spirit of Christmas, I am sharing my new knowledge.

And can I just say that the new spell-check option on Blogger is a godsend? I usually cut and paste my blogs, one of the things that thwarts my regular postings. Ooops, did I just say that aloud? Sh*t, now I don't have an excuse. Oh well...

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