10 December 2007

Jesus Lived in the Closet

Okay, I find it very funny that as I typed that sentence, my computer whigged out....

Many years ago, while shopping for a present for the Mad Geniuses mother, the MG saw a picture that I swear he said he liked. So I bought it for him. It turns out that he didn't say he liked it. Hmm, welll, now what? It wasn't my taste but I had to admit it was a beautiful picture. So, I put it up anyway.

It was a picture of Jesus hugging a man and it had a caption about being accepted wholeheartedly.

When we moved into the Malibu Barbie Dream House, the picture no longer matched anything and I didn't want to put it up "just because" So, with a small twinge of guilt, I stored Jesus in the closet.
On a recent cleaning binge, I took Jesus out and decided to donate him to the church that is across the alley from my work. As Jesus waited patiently for me to actually remember to put him in the truck, the MG noticed and asked where he was going. I explained that I was donating him to church because I didn't want it anymore.

MG fairly choked. "I have been living the life of Job because you've kept Jesus in the closet because he DOESN'T MATCH!?"

Although I laughed, I did feel another little twinge of guilt. I must admit. But I promised MG that Jesus would be much happier at the church than he would be with us. And made darn certain that I didn't forget the picture again.

The next morning, I dropped him off with one of the church ladies. It was kind of awkward to explain to her the story but I went with the truth. I told her that MG was teasing me that I was a heathen. She kindly patted me on the hand "I think you're going to be all right."

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